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Re: when is menu.lst read in grub process

From: Damon Register
Subject: Re: when is menu.lst read in grub process
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 09:28:21 -0400
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Pádraig Brady wrote:
I had the same issue when I had to setup grub in a non standard way.
I read the source and documented the process here:
That is really great.  Thanks.  I think this should be part of the
official grub documentation or at least a link should be provided,

Your process description seems to confirm what others have said,
that menu.lst is read by stage 2 and therefore menu.lst can be
tampered without reinstall of grub.  There is one thing that still
remains confusing for me.  You say about stage 1

 Bootloader jumps to location (sector num) of next stage.
 This sector num is stored at a particular location in the bootloader
 "code" at grub install time and usually points to a stage 1.5 located
 in the "DOS compat space" immediately after the MBR.

How does the grub install process know the correct number to store in
stage 1?  That location does not come from menu.lst?

Damon Register

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