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Re: Grub for ia64

From: tgingold
Subject: Re: Grub for ia64
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:12:51 +0200
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Quoting "bibo,mao" <address@hidden>:

> It is great!!!, I will test on my IA64 box tommorrow. And I have few minor
> comments like this.
>    whether kern/ia64/efi/init.c can be common for all architectures of efi
> platform, only grub_arch_sync_caches is different, this function can be
> placed
> on arch specific place. Function find_mmap_size can fit for all
> architectures.

>     why write different grub_efi_allocate_pages/grub_efi_free_boot_pages, we
> can
> modify these two functions to fit for all architecture EFI platform.
They are slightly different.
Pages allocated by grub_efi_allocate_boot_pages won't be freed at grub
exit.  This is very important to load linux/initrd/modules on pages which won't
be touched!
These functions could be moved to kern/efi/mm.c.


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