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Re: GRUB2 - testing report, hppa support?

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: GRUB2 - testing report, hppa support?
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 20:46:52 +0100
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On Monday 04 December 2006 15:45, Nico -telmich- Schottelius wrote:
> The documentation is pretty bad and grub-install is half broken
> (will perhaps fix it, when I've time).

Any patch is welcome.

> grub-setup's --help is confusing, it does not tell the user that
> the images will be changed.

Huh? It says:

Set up images to boot from DEVICE.

If the images wouldn't change, what would you expect from grub-setup?

> Serial console works at 38400 (others untested).
> Though, reprinting the screen / drawing characters is pretty slow,

This part requires some optimization. I guess the current implementation of 
the menu interface is not very friendly to a serial terminal.

> backspace does not work (using picocom).

As far as I see the code, there is no reason that backspace doesn't work... So 
this might mean that your terminal sends an unsual escape sequence 
corresponding to backspace.

> Oh, btw, it's HIGHLY confusing that disks start at 0, partitions at
> 1. Could you please fix it and make it consequently? either hd1,1
> or hd0,0, but not hd0,1 or hd1,0.

No. It is consistent with most operating systems, so less confusing to the 
user. GRUB Legacy used 0-based counting for partitions, and I have received 
an uncountable number of complaints. Thus it is really a bad idea to make 
GRUB inconsistent against other systems.

> And I would be interested, whether there's some effort to port
> grub2 to hppa? I don't like palo very much I must confess.

Jeff did something, but I don't know the status.


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