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Re: disk vs partition numbering

From: Marco Gerards
Subject: Re: disk vs partition numbering
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 13:12:41 +0100
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adrian15 <address@hidden> writes:

>> On Wednesday 13 December 2006 09:59, adrian15 wrote:
>>> > For them their first hard disk (Who is going to have a zero-hard disk in
>>> > the real world. It has no sense) is C:, but you could name it 1.
>>> > And when they partition their hard disk they suppose that the first cut
>>> > it is the 1 not the 0.
>> And you could name it 0.
> This is in computing world... but if you go to a building you go to
> the ground floor or to the 1st floor but you not do go to the 0th
> floor!

Another thing about computing world is that not everything is logical,
you don't have to deal with bits and bytes only, but also with
people.  Many operating systems start counting disks with 1.

You could argue other operating systems do other things and you will
be right.  But a decision has to be taken, which is what Okuji did.


>> But you are comparing apples with oranges here. What Windows does is
>> to count only partitions for hard disks and count only disk for
>> floppy disks and CD/DVD drives. C: is not a disk. It is a partition
>> that Windows can recognize as a primary partition. D: is a second
>> partition, regardless of whether it is in the same disk as C: or in
>> next disk, or in next next disk. So you cannot compare GRUB's scheme
>> with Windows' simply.
> Yes. You're right. So.. please compare the building floors scheme
> (what everyone understands) with hard disks and partitions.

It has nothing to do with floors, but it does have something to do
with counting.  No one starts counting with 0.  Except when you count
partitions, of course. ;-)


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