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GRUB header magic numbers

From: Daniel Weaver
Subject: GRUB header magic numbers
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 16:46:27 -0800


I have created a proprietary loader that serves much the same function as GRUB.
It is used to load a proprietary operating system.  One of the things I need
in my system is the load length of the operating system.  Rather than
reinvent the wheel I wish to use a GRUB style header to provide this
information.  Some day in the future we may decide to change either the
loader or the operating system and the use of a standard loader header
will make the transition much easier.

My web searches have turned up two very similar multiboot headers.
One with a magic number of 0x1BAD002 and another with a magic
number of 0xe85250d6.

First off, why are there two numbers?
And which is more likely to be used in the long run?

Thank you,
Dan Weaver

Dan Weaver, ZNYX Networks

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