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[PATCH] Fix build of sparc64 port & implement setjmp/longjmp

From: Vincent Pelletier
Subject: [PATCH] Fix build of sparc64 port & implement setjmp/longjmp
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 16:14:48 +0100
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Here is a (mostly) maintainance patch for sparc64 port.
It only fixes the build and implements setjmp/longjmp so that one can jump to 
rescue mode.

It also builds the linux loader module, but the boot is known to fail on my 
box (some disk access error at OF level when reading the linux kernel image).

I prefer to post the patch for validation before commiting, it's been too long 
I haven't post to go on my own :) . (changelog is in the diff :p ).

Vincent Pelletier

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