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address@hidden: Question about the GNU Grub ideas]

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: address@hidden: Question about the GNU Grub ideas]
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 17:30:45 +0100
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I am not sure you are the right person for the questions. If not, I am sorry to bother you. And please do me a favor to forward this mail to the right one.


I am a potential student applicant for the “Google-summer -of –code” program. And I am strongly interested in the GNU Grub project, especially for the porting grubs to the EFI-based PC platform idea. But there are few messages or information about EFI porting for grub2. So I have some questions about this idea.


  1. Though the source codes of current grub2 have some features about EFI, I feel that the building for EFI platform support of grub2 is based on an EFI implementation. That means we need an EFI implementation to build the source code for EFI of grub2. For example, the building for the elilo is based on the gnu-efi project. Is that right?  Or whether the current grub2 includes an EFI implementation, similar to the gnu-efi project.


  1. The goal of grub2 for efi support is the same as the one of elilo, namely an efi OS Loader (also an efi application, for example elilo.efi file in the elilo project). Is that right?


  1. There is a real EFI platform in my lab, but I will graduate and leave that lab in this June. Accordingly, I have some considerations about the development platform and environment. If the efi feature of grub2 is only an efi OS loader, whether the EDK open source project can serve as the development and debug platform.


The questions above would give me a big help for my application proposal. Look forward to your replay.


Thanks & Best regards,



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