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RE: I write a patch for Japanese NEC i386 old computers.

From: Hitoshi Ozeki
Subject: RE: I write a patch for Japanese NEC i386 old computers.
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 04:01:09 +0900

Sorry, my last article is too large, and includes copied part.
I prepare for separated and removed copies patch.

Attached file: grub-1.95-nec98-patches.tar.gz (61Kbytes)

When you want to make the source tree for nec98, type below
$ tar xzf grub-1.95.tar.gz
$ tar xzf grub-1.95-nec98-patches.tar.gz
$ sh ./

(file map)
boot/i386/pc/* -> boot/i386/nec98/*
commands/i386/pc/* -> commands/i386/nec98/*
conf/ -> conf/
conf/i386-pc.rmk -> conf/i386-nec98.rmk
disk/i386/pc/* -> disk/i386/nec98/*
include/grub/i386/pc/* -> include/grub/i386/nec98/*
(none) -> include/grub/i386/nec98/sca.h
include/grub/i386/pc/util/* -> include/grub/i386/nec98/util/*
include/grub/pc_partition.h -> include/grub/nec98_partition.h
kern/i386/pc/* -> kern/i386/nec98/*
kern/i386/pc/* -> kern/i386/nec98/*
loader/i386/pc/* -> loader/i386/nec98/*
partmap/pc.c -> partmap/nec98.c
term/i386/pc/* -> term/i386/nec98/*
util/i386/pc/* -> util/i386/nec98/*
video/i386/pc/* -> video/i386/nec98/*

'include/grub/i386/nec98/sca.h'  defines PC-9800 BIOS informations.
'video/i386/nec98/*' is only copied, hack nothing(PC-9800 does not have VGA
and VBE).

 Hitoshi Ozeki address@hidden

Attachment: grub-1.95-nec98-patches.tar.gz
Description: application/gzip-compressed

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