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My experience with GRUB2 usage & installation

From: shirish agarwal
Subject: My experience with GRUB2 usage & installation
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 02:13:11 +0530

Hi all,
       This is just a newbie user of GRUB 2 1.95 . First lemme share my experience & then perhaps few newbie questions .

The OS is Ubuntu Gibbon 7.10 in a VM (Virtual Machine image) on VM ware worksation. Installing GRUB2 was simply :-

sudo aptitude install grub2 . As the package is in the  universe repo. it installed in a jiffy.

 As I had read about grub.cfg from before , hence went to /boot/grub & found the familiar menu.lst but no grub.cfg.
 I did a simple sudo aptitude update-grub which in turn asked there is no grub.cfg & would I like one.  Made some changes
to grub.cfg (damn, forgot to take a backup first) and re-booted. No issues, the things are working fine. Now my questions are :-

1. I tried giving grub2 --version but that doesn't work. I also tried grub2 --installed_version but even that didn't work.
2. Is menu.lst now a transition file (kinda like dummy file)
3. I tried this link but that one doesn't lead me anywhere. It dumps right at

 Please look at the above things. Thanx for your time.
          Shirish Agarwal
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