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Re: GPT on PC/BIOS computers

From: Javier Rodríguez Sánchez
Subject: Re: GPT on PC/BIOS computers
Date: Sun, 6 May 2007 09:02:59 +0200

Hello, curently to make grub2 works, I need a MBR emulation with the same partition as GPT scheme.
If grub2 doesn't found any partition in MBR table it doesn't. Then, It's necessary to be in MBR the
partitions that match with GPT scheme?


PD:Sorry for my english

2007/5/5, Marco Gerards <address@hidden>:
"Javier Rodríguez Sánchez" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello, I have tried the patch and it works well, but I have one question.
> It's necessary  to be a MBR partition scheme? because I  need a MBR
> emulation from the GPT scheme to Grub2 loader works. If I only let the GPT
> scheme with the EFI protective partition on MBR, grub doesn't find any
> bootable device.

What do you mean?  You do not need MBR emulation or so.  I assume you
mean that there are a few partitions in the MBR that match the GPT
partitions?  Or can you be more precise?


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