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Re: pretty colors in gfxterm

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: pretty colors in gfxterm
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 21:18:51 +0200
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On Saturday 05 May 2007 18:49, Robert Millan wrote:
> > You could implement a color command, which does the same as the color
> > command in GRUB Legacy.  All terminals have support for the color
> > command.  Although I am not really sure if it is completely compatible
> > with what you are used to.
> Can you give some pointer to that?

Basically, you only need to call setcolor on a terminal. It should just work 

> > Although, it would be better to implement what Okuji proposed a while
> > ago.  Are you willing to work on this?  It might be fun to do so :-).
> Willing yes, capable not.  Lacking time and skill.  Skill can still
> improve, but time.... :-/

I don't have much time, either, but I will refactor the menu code sooner or 
later. Once this is done, it wouldn't be too difficult to implement new 
intefaces for the menu.

> > If having a color command means that GRUB 2 will be used more, I am
> > willing to add such command.  Okuji, do you object?
> Yes, I think so.  But as said on IRC, I don't think the interface has to be
> a color command.  As long as we can display something that is not uglier
> than "color cyan/blue white/blue" (and we don't have to wait ages untill
> the new fancy menu is ready), that's ok.

It is strange to me that you think white/black is ugly. For me, this looks so 
good. :p


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