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ls and xfs = unhandled exception / reset

From: Alex Roman
Subject: ls and xfs = unhandled exception / reset
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007 20:47:03 -0400


I've got a linux system with the / partition as xfs (and no /boot
partition, blame kUbuntu's installer for that :)). I wanted to try to
boot the system from a grub2 floppy I made (so I can still boot my
system, no worries).

I do:
insmod ls
insmod pc
insmod xfs

Then if I do:
ls (hd0,1) -- my xfs partition

... the system just resets.

I verified that if I insmod ext2 and ls on an ext3 partition, it will
work as expected and not reset my PC. Also, if I ls on the xfs
partition, without the xfs module loaded, GRUB will just print
Filesystem type unknown, but won't reset.

Given that I'll also be working on adding CD-ROM boot support to GRUB
as part of GSoC, I figure this would be a great opportunity to start
fixing some bugs to get familiar with the code.

Now, I've no idea how to debug this issue, how to get a debugging log,
etc... Could anyone please point me at the right document to read or
give me some advice how I could start working on this?

Thank you in advance,
... regards!

Alex Roman <address@hidden>

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