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installing on x86_64

From: Constantine Kousoulos
Subject: installing on x86_64
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 20:05:52 +0300
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I fetched the latest sources from cvs and tried to install grub2. I followed the guide at the wiki

'configure --prefix=/boot/grub2': works ok.
'make': ok
'sudo make install': complaints about missing file utils/grub.d/README. easy to overcome. 'sudo grub-install --grub-setup=/boot/grub/grub.cfg /dev/hda': there is no arg like '--grub-setup'. i used instead 'grub-install --root-directory=/boot/grub2/ /dev/hda' 'sudo grub-setup --directory=/boot/grub --device-map=/boot/grub/ /dev/hda':
i get this error
'grub-setup: error: cannot stat /boot/grub2/boot.img'
so i copy boot.img to /boot/grub2. Then i get the same complaint about core.img which does not exist.

Any advice is welcome.


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