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Grub2 won't install on partitionable raid 1

From: Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Ltd
Subject: Grub2 won't install on partitionable raid 1
Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 10:53:55 +1200


Using debian unstable grub2-1.95+20070520 (the current cvs version) on

If I run 'grub-install /dev/md_d0'
I get 'grub-setup: error: Can't open /dev/md0: No such file or

If I run 'grub-install /dev/md/d0'
grub-setup: error: Unknown kind of RAID device `/dev/md/d0'

If I run grub-probe for /dev/md_d0 or /dev/md/d0 I get:
cannot find a device for /dev/md[_/]d0

It looks to me like the detection code doesn't recognize the
partitionable raid devices.

Daniel Reurich

Centurion Computer Technology (2005) Limited.
Ph: 021 797 722

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