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multiboot header error

From: Constantine Kousoulos
Subject: multiboot header error
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 21:48:14 +0300
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After successfully installing GRUB2 from cvs (thanks Jerone!), i decided to further test it on my amd64 machine.

At first, i built the sample kernel from using the '-m32' gcc flag and by marking boot.S with the '.code32' directive. All these effectively created an elf32 image on my amd64 machine which built and booted without any trouble. :)

Then i proceeded to check if i can make GRUB2 boot the same kernel as a native elf64 image. So, i removed the above mentioned flag and directive, renamed any 'pushl' instruction to 'pushq', renamed registers 'eax' to 'rex' and 'ebx' to 'rbx', modified the magic number (0xe85250d6) and alingned it to 64-bits. When i tried to boot it i got: "error: No multiboot header found". :(

Is there something i did or didn't do correctly? I would greatly appreciate any feedback!


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