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Re: TPM chip and Grub bootloader

From: Stefan Reinauer
Subject: Re: TPM chip and Grub bootloader
Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 01:28:59 +0200
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* Robert Millan <address@hidden> [070530 15:18]:
> IOW, no matter who the keys belong to, the problem is there's a component in
> the hardware I paid for that is hostile to me, which contains keys that I
> cannot retrieve (good, because of security), and refuses to use the keys on
> anything I want it to (bad, because it's inherently an abusive tool).

You do not need a TPM based system. Todays BIOSes prohibit flashing
anything not signed by the vendor using SMI and hardware lockdown
mechanisms. You are locked out already, even though you might not care
or know yet.


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