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grub2 miscelanea questions (1/2)

From: adrian15
Subject: grub2 miscelanea questions (1/2)
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 09:34:55 +0200
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        Dear grub2 developers, here there are some questions about grub2 that I
have that would have generated too many little emails.

1)lst files on a grub2 floppy

        As I told you in another email, in order to build my grub2 floppy I did
a soft link from /usr/local/lib/grub/i386-pc to
/home/adrian/Desktop/gnu/grub2/grub2_2007_05_31 (compiled sources dir)
and my floppy is full of lst files.

        Usually in a grub2 floppy there are not any lst file, isn't it?

2) What are these lst files for, are they useful or are they like the C
.o files, only needed for compilation purposes?

3) Why any grub2.cfg file (I suppose it's the substitute for menu.lst)
is inside the grub2 source code?

4) Why any doc folder is inside the grub2 source code?
5) grub2 lacks
5.1) pager

When I want to do a big ls the output does not stop screen by screen...
Is there any hidden pager that I do not know?
Maybe is not implemented yet?

5.2) Chainload DEVICES

How the hell do you boot windows?
Maybe from a file that has inside it the first 512 bytes from the
Windows partition?

6) Compulsory Argument dilemma
If I run help I can seen things like this:
ls [-f|-l|-s] NAME



If [ ] means optional it should also mean optional in the case of the
test alias [ .!!!

7) set help incomplete
Set help should say that if no argument is set then it shows all the
environment variables.

8) exported and no exported variables
Why the set does not show any difference (like a * in the beginning)
about the exported and no exported variables (with the export command)

9) help does not complain when no command help is available

The commands:
        help marco_g
        help okuji
        help dachaac

do not complain at all, and it is not a "hidden pascua egg" from these
people,... any non-command has the same answer: NONE.

I think there should be something like:

Error: This command does not exist.

Or better even: It should prompt all the commands.

10) help --all
In grub-legacy when typing help some commands were some sort of hidden.
However if you typed help --all these commands were also shown.

Do we need this functionality in grub2?

11) help help
Running help help says:
Usage: help [PATTERN ...]
Show a help message.

It should say that if no argument is entered then all the commands are
And it should say: Show a command help described in PATTERN. (Or
something like this).

12) ls and -h argument

This is not an error but it curious. You can ask for the help of command
with this:
command -h
ls -h
works in a different way.

I suppose we may have the same problem with '-u' in the future.

13) videotest
This is a test command and it will not be available when grub2 is out
there. Isn't it ? :)

Continues on grub2 miscelanea questions (2/2)


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