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Re: GSoC: CD-ROM booting options

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: GSoC: CD-ROM booting options
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 19:32:32 +0200
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Do we want to be able to boot the computer from GRUB2 installed on a
medium (whatever it may be), then be able to boot from a CD  (in
whatever mode - emulation or no emulation)?

Do we also want to be able to boot the computer through the BIOS from
a CD on which GRUB2 was installed and continue booting from the CD
(like GRUB legacy does)?

Do we want to support both?

Personally, I think both are important to support, but I want to see
what the majority of developers and users think we should support.

        Although a lot of people want you to begin with the second option and
although it's a good thing for an hipothetical super grub2 disk... I
want to remind you what's the okuji thought about this:

My name is Alex Roman and I have been selected as a Summer of Code
> > student for the GRUB2 project. I will be adding CD-ROM booting
> > functionality to GRUB2.
> Welcome! Cdrom booting funcionality for grub2 is a good piece of news.
> > The first stage of the project will attempt to use BIOS calls
> > to achieve this functionality (which is, of course, dependent on the
> > BIOS's capabilities, standards compliance, etc.).
> Ok. That's how it works in Grub legacy I suppose.

Nope. This is a different thing. This is a new feature which is not
present in GRUB Legacy.

Although people often mistake this, booting a CD from GRUB is quite
different from booting a GRUB installed into a CD. GRUB Legacy has the
latter feature, but not the former one.

GRUB 2 needs to support both cases, but I prefer to see something not
present in GRUB Legacy implemented in GRUB 2 first.


But do as you want, maybe it is better to begin with the easiest task
and then doing the more difficult task.


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