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Re: GSoC: CD-ROM booting options

From: Alex Roman
Subject: Re: GSoC: CD-ROM booting options
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 14:25:59 -0400

On 05/06/07, adrian15 <address@hidden> wrote:
GRUB 2 needs to support both cases, but I prefer to see something not
present in GRUB Legacy implemented in GRUB 2 first.

Good point... In any case there's some commonality between the two
cases and for now I'm working to see if I can read some ElTorito data
structures from a bootable CD... Which brings me to the question:

Is it possible to call int 13h functions from a GRUB2 module? If yes,
what is the (preferred?) way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Alex Roman <address@hidden>

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