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QEMU and ElTorito and EDD 3

From: Alex Roman
Subject: QEMU and ElTorito and EDD 3
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 08:33:02 -0400

I've been messing around with int 13h calls and it seems that the QEMU
BIOS supports EDD 3 extensions.

However, it does not support ElTorito extensions... I called the 4D
function (Return Boot Catalog) and the QEMU BIOS (I think) printed a
"nice" informative message:
"FATAL: Int13 eltorito call with AX=4D00. Please report" (see screenshot)

... which I will (report, that is) :)

But I thought I'd share the find first.. Looks like I'm going to have
to use either a different emulator (vmware&co.) or a real PC... What
do you folks suggest?

Alex Roman <address@hidden>

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