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Re: status update for grub 2 developments?

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: status update for grub 2 developments?
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 12:22:47 +0200
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Vesa Jääskeläinen escribió:
Hi all!

I think it would be wise to keep some kind of status updates from time
to time so we can keep track on what people are doing (related to grub
2). If we continue with current situation we are long in 2010's before
we have next release.
You're too optimistic. :) I was thinking about 2015. Anyway,... I will work hard this summer in grub2 because it needs it.
I think it would also be important to coordinate more different
activities within grub 2.
In example graphical menu has been issue for
several years now :).
I am sorry not being an expert on this area.
> Therefore I would propose that we would setup a
group of people that would concentrate on specific issues related to
implmentation (like a work group or something).
I also think groups are a good thing.
> I do not see it as a
requirement that this group of people would implement the feature
(though that would be good), but most importantly to draft out how
features should work. When there is a spec written how feature should
work then it would be much easier to implement that feature and then it
would match ideology of other relevant developers (eg. to get patch
I also like the specs idea.
I would see that at least following working groups should be formed. Of
course we could tackle design issue at a time and then move to other issues.

- Graphical menu (needs API spec, configuration file specs, guidelines
for implementation, information how to integrate with scripting)
I might collaborate on the "how to integrate with scripting" part.

- Network support (needs API spec, driver architecture, protocol stacks,
file system support)
No idea about this subject.

Perhaps some others too... (please add)

I am going to work in grub-disk. A collection of grub2.cfg files or maybe more that will define useful collection of command such as Search linux kernel, linux initrd and load them. Something similar to Super Grub Disk.

Anyway. First of all I would like to hear if you are developing
something above or something else, reply this e-mail and tell us about
it, there is no reason that work should be duplicated.

My current todo:
# Current development
    * pause command
    * map, mapboot and usbshift commands
# Short term development
    * grub-disk scripts
    * grub2 scripts testing
    * grub legacy commands porting
# Long term development
    * install and setup commands for grub2

If you want more details please visit:

Ideas are welcome where to store this information are also welcome :).
We would need to track requirements for features on component level.
More automated the better.

Can we use the bugs system maybe?
A friend of mine uses trac ( ) and he likes it a lot. I do not know if it fits our needs.


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