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Re: GRUB 2 documentation

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: GRUB 2 documentation
Date: Sun, 01 Jul 2007 13:18:59 +0200
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Khaled Hosny escribió:
I'd like to work on this, any idea where to begin? should I start with
grub legacy documentation and update/remove/add information to match
that of grub2 or should I start from scratch?

In my opinnion there are three ways to elaborate documentation.
1) From grub2 developer point of view.
2) From grub2 architecture.
3) From a grub2 user.

        As long as scripting is not well defined I think you can begin with the
grub2 architecture. I think knowing yourself the grub2 architecture can
make things easier when elaborating documentation from a grub2 user
point of view.

        I mean one of the first thing a grub2 documentation from a grub2 user
point of view should have is an introduction on how does grub2 work overall.


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