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How to set "prefix" in grub

From: steve.platt
Subject: How to set "prefix" in grub
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 15:01:13 +0000

Please excuse me if this query is off-topic.

I decided to try Grub2 under the mistaken impression that Grub "legacy" was a 
thing of the past and to be avoided ... anyway, I hope my feedback will be of 
some use.

I had a problem with it that seems so basic that I must have made an obvious 
mistake, or it might just be that I mis-read the Fine Manual ;-)

I have a PC with two hard drives. It has windows 2000 on hd0 and linux  on hd1 
(root on partition 1, no separate /boot).

I ran "grub-install --debug /dev/hda" and upon reboot I get "welcome to GRUB" 
and "rescue mode". It seems to me that GRUB cannot load the normal.mod module 
nor find the grub.cfg file.

I type "set" and find :-


Should not these say hd1 and not hd0?

If I then manually set them to hd1,1 I can then "insmod normal" and then enter 
"normal" and my menu appears and I can boot linux.

Reading the source (a dangerous thing) I see that grub seems to start by 
prepending the BIOS "boot" device name to the prefix string, which was 
previously just "/boot/grub".

Surely it should prepend the setting of the "root" device?

I have tried running grub-setup by hand, specifying the root-device as (hd1,1) 
but this didn't make any difference: indeed, output from the verbose option 
suggests it guessed "hdb1" was my root device anyway.

Steve Platt

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