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Re: GPL version 3

From: Alex Roman
Subject: Re: GPL version 3
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2007 16:23:40 -0400

On 04/07/07, Yoshinori K. Okuji <address@hidden> wrote:
Given the fact that nobody is really willing to maintain GRUB Legacy, we need
to consider which is more important, migrating to GPLv3, or keeping it easy
to backport fixes to GRUB Legacy from GRUB 2. I myself prefer to migrate to
GPLv3, and just forget about GRUB Legacy, of which I have been dreaming all
the time. But I think it would be fair to ask others' opinions before making
the decision.

This sounds like the best alternative. However, we have to think for
how long other people (e.g. distros) will use GRUB Legacy. So, I think
we should choose a milestone that will essentially mark the time when
GRUB Legacy is no longer maintained, such as when the first stable
version of GRUB 2 gets released, or when 'x' distros convert to
GRUB2... After that milestone, GRUB 2 would be free to move on to
GPLv3, without concern for GRUB Legacy...

That being said, we also need to encourage distros to migrate away
from GRUB Legacy, and what other better incentive than no longer
maintaining GRUB Legacy?

Alex Roman <address@hidden>

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