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[PATCH] Add multiboot 2 functionality

From: Jerone Young
Subject: [PATCH] Add multiboot 2 functionality
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 18:26:20 -0500

This patch is to introduce multiboot 2 loading capabilities to grub2
for powerpc & i386-pc. This patch was more so started by Hollis
Blanchard getting multiboot 2 working for powerpc and I added to it
and cleaned it up.

One of the ideas with this patch is to keep everything under one
command for the user. So instead of having a "multiboot2" & "module2"
command, I created a proxy like mechanism so that you have only one
command for both multiboot 1 & 2 ... "multiboot". This is where
"loader/multiboot_loader.c" comes from. I could have integrated things
more but I figure the current approach will less likely break

So if your OS is multiboot 2 capable, the user would do the following
to load it up from a grub prompt:

grub> multiboot <location of kernel> <kernel args>
grub> module <some image> <multiboot tag> <image arguments>
grub> module <isome mage> <multiboot tag> <image arguments>
grub .....

The other thing that this patch does is it begins to make the
multiboot 1 code a bit more architecture agnostic so IF someone wanted
to implement it on another architecture they can.

A bit of file moving around and definition renaming is also apart of
this patch. I have also taken the time to make sure that it does not
break multiboot 1 loading on i386-pc. But mulitboot 2 may still need a
little more testing and work for i386-pc. Powerpc multiboot 2 has been
heavily tested and does work.

I will be this shortly but I wanted to make sure that the patches were
out on the list for criticism so things can be changed if need be.

Signed-off-by: Jerone Young <address@hidden>

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