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Re: Acer arcade instantOn and grub

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: Acer arcade instantOn and grub
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 19:48:39 +0200
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address@hidden escribió:
when laptop is new (read "when you haven't overridden window's bootloader"), 
pressing the normal power on button causes a normal boot sequence, but pressing the 
arcade button causes a different boot sequence.
A different boot sequence.

i don't really want to restore windows boot loader,
When you said before a different boot sequence did you mean that it
restores the windows boot loader or that it loads it from nowhere
instead of reading the disk... or what?

so: is there a way to replicate this job with grub or grub2?
I do not know.

for any further info please ask.

Is this information stored somehow?  So how can the bootloader
determine what is done?  In that case you can use scripting in GRUB 2
to make use of this information.  It can't be done yet, but surely
GRUB 2 can be modified to use this.


thanks for you answer, marco

follows a more deep description of the system

the original system uses a modified grub 0.93 chainloaded by ntldr.
the modifications of grub are released, but i can't replicate them on grub 0.97.
When you talk about this original system... this has nothing to do with
the arcade button, isn't it ?

Or is this code supposed to activate a fallback option (not the default
option but default+1 option) ?

Can you send a patch (differences from grub 0.93 and grub 0.93-modified)
so that I can try to apply to my own fork of grub 0.97?

Thank you.


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