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Re: echo gives internal error with \n

From: adrian15
Subject: Re: echo gives internal error with \n
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 19:55:16 +0200
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Marco Gerards escribió:
adrian15 <address@hidden> writes:

  I've activated the echo command (also the pause command) which it is
equivalent to the echo command... and have done some tests:

The problem is in the parser.
I see.
Two conclusions from these tests:

1) When you use \n in string that does not begin with " then it gives an
internal error. I do not see anything special on echo.c so I suppose
it's the fault of the parser, however I have not studied the parser
yet... so marco_g what's your opinnion?

True, Bean sent in a patch to fix this.
:) I knew this already.

2) The -e option is not implemented. :) I've checked the code and it is
not. However I doubt if it's going to work... I ask myself if the grub>
string always appears at the beginning of the line.

Do you want to implement this? ;-)

This should not be hard to do.

Implementation is easy but what's difficult for me is the design decision.

Here there are three possible scenarios:

1a) When grub> is showed it does begin in the last character position
(not in a new line).
        This might imply rewriting the end of the programs so that they end
with something similar to: grub_printf("\n");
1b) Same than 1a but the execution of the last grub_printf("\n"); is
automatically run from the "program than runs one command after another
one. (I do not know the name in grub2.)" depending on a new special flag
of the program.

2) The echo command with a -e option sets a variable which is checked
each time the grub> line is going to be written. Depending on the
variable grub_printf("\ngrub>"); or grub_printf("grub>"); is run.

At what implementation were you thinking to issue this problem?

pause is equivalent to echo command but if you want to check what I am
saying check my other email that contains a patch for having both echo
and pause commands.

Well... I think you do not need to check my patch... the idea is that
pause command is the echo command plus a pause. Something like:

        echo $@ ; read

So the pause command can have all the echo command power.

I also might work in the read command although I have to think more
about it.


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