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Re: grub-setup Segmentation fault

From: Magnus Granberg
Subject: Re: grub-setup Segmentation fault
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 05:08:18 +0200

Sounds like I made the wrong guess, then.  You need to figure out where's
that null pointer coming from.  Doesn't seem to be root_dev..

#1  0x08049385 in setup (prefix=0x80670b0 "(md0)(vg-boot)/grub",
dir=0x8067008 "/boot/grub",
   boot_file=<value optimized out>, core_file=0x805cb2a "core.img",
root=0x8067050 "vg-boot", dest=0x0, must_embed=1)
   at util/i386/pc/grub-setup.c:223

Has somthing to do with dest=0x0 ?
If i run on only lvm no raid a get somting like dis
setup (prefix=0x8067070 "(vg-boot)/grub", dir=0x8067008 "/boot/grub", boot_file=0x805cb87 "boot.img", core_file=0x805cb7e "core.img", root=0x8067060 "vg-boot", dest=0x8067038 "hd0", must_embed=1)


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