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Re: GRUB on powerpc

From: Jerone Young
Subject: Re: GRUB on powerpc
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 15:03:59 -0500

Hollis Blanchard can better answer this but I think I have most the
answers for you..see below.

On 8/29/07, Proneet Biswas <address@hidden> wrote:
>  Hi,
>    I am fairly new to the grub bootloader. So if the question is already
> answered, please feel free to point me to the relevant pointers/FAQ. We are
>    trying to use GRUB on a new powerpc based platform for loading 2.6 linux
> kernel.
>    Q1: Which is the latest stable version which I should start with ?

Grab the latest cvs build.

>    Q2: Will this require openfirmware to be involved at any intermediate
> stage of loading or GRUB would be able to directly load the kernel.

Yes current powerpc port does require open firmware.

>    Q3: Are there any specific limitations on the kind of file systems or
> storage media for loading kernel ?

The grub  have to be on a FAT filesystem so that Open Firmware can
read them. I've only tested it with the kernel in the same filesystem.
But since grub can read ext3 I see no reason why it shouldn't be able
to read the kernel from another partition formated ext3...though I
have not tried this.

>  Regards
>  Proneet.
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