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My implementation of the grub2 boot rom

From: Bean
Subject: My implementation of the grub2 boot rom
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 04:19:12 +0800


I've written my own code for grub2 boot rom, the steps are:

1, Use make to compile romboot.S and grub-mkrom.c, it will generate
romboot.img and grub-mkrom.
2, Create kernel image core.img with grub-mkimage
3, Create rom image with grub-mkrom, like this:

grub-mkrom romboot.img core.img output_file

grub-mkrom support the following options:

 -m message         Boot message
 -t timeout            Timeout in seconds
 -k key                Hotkey
 -x edx                Value of EDX

default hotkey is SPACE, default timeout is 2 seconds.

The new code is much smaller than the romos version (only 240 bytes),
and it runs grub2 after POST, so that int 13 can be used to access the


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