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New module to detect vmware

From: Martin Haaß
Subject: New module to detect vmware
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 14:19:25 +0100
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Hi all!
I tried to build a module to detect vmware. Attached is the module and a test 
It is basically working though I have some questions:

can i use the return value of the function (e.g. vmware_detect) to give back a 
value or am I supposed to always return something like GRUB_ERR_NONE?

is there a script to add a module to the makefile or do I have to copy/paste 

if I use this:
        if vmware_detect = 1; then set foo=1 else set foo=0 fi
I get syntax error and unknown command in an infinite loop is this expected? 
It should not be a problem with my module, as it also happend while testing a 
environment variable.
So, is it a problem with my if-syntax?


PS:*ahem* I tested against 1.95+20070604 of the debian tree. I will test 
against current cvs as soon as possible  / as soon as someone tells me how to 
automate the makefile updating

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