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Re: Testing on PowerMac G4

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: Testing on PowerMac G4
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 00:34:51 +0100
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On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 05:37:35PM -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 09:45 +0100, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> > Pavel Roskin writes:
> > 
> > > However, GRUB starts in the rescue mode,  
> > > and I cannot do anything in that mode.
> > 
> > In rescue mode, type
> >  
> >     insmod normal
> >     normal
> > 
> > That will print the error why the menu is not started, because
> > this should have been automatic, or else it will starts the menu.
> Oh well, that PowerMac G4 won't work at all anymore (looks like a
> hardware failure, there is no video output), so I'm trying it on
> PowerMAC G3 (Blue&White).
> I copied grub.cfg and kernel.elf to the root of the HFS boot partition
> hd:2.  I entered openfirmware on startup by holding Alt-Mac-O-F.  I used
> "dir hd:2,\" to check that kernel.elf is there.  Then I loaded it with
> "boot hd:2,\kernel.elf".  That's what I got:
> grub rescue> insmod normal
> error: unknown device
> grub rescue> normal
> unknown command `normal'
> Try `help' for usage
> grub rescue> lsmod
> Name    Ref Count     Dependencies
> grub rescue> set
> prefix=(ultra0,2)
> root=ultra0,2
> grub rescue> ls
> (ide0/disk) DISK-LABEL: read of block0 failed
> (cd) DISK-LABEL: read of block0 failed
> (zip) (ide1/disk) (hd) (utltra0)
> My guess is kernel.elf doesn't include the necessary code.  It's about
> 60k long.

Sounds like "DISK-LABEL: read of block0 failed" is printed by the firmware
and not by GRUB.

Also, device enumeration is the same for all devices, so the fact that it
only appears for some of them hints at a firmware bug.

What happens if you set debug=disk ?

Robert Millan

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