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GRUB 1.96 is released

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: GRUB 1.96 is released
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 15:10:48 +0100
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I'm happy to announce the release of GRUB 1.96. This is the seventh of
our prereleases leading up to GRUB 2.0. We encourage you to try it, as
we have done a significant amount of work towards GRUB 2. Note that this 
release is mainly for developers who are willing to contribute to our 
project. If you need a working solution immediately, you'd better to stick to 
GRUB Legacy at the moment.

The source distribution is available from <>.

Send any questions, ideas, bug reports to <address@hidden>. For discussions 
about the development, to <address@hidden>.

Here is the relevant NEWS:

New in 1.96 - 2008-02-03:

* The license term is changed to GNU General Public License Version 3.

* grub-emu is made optional.  Now you have to use
  `--enable-grub-emu' to enable it.

* Add Multiboot2 support.

* grub-emu can access the host filesystem now.

* Add support for the NTFS, cpio/tar and Reiserfs filesystems.

* Add support for ATA/ATAPI.

* Add update-grub script to generate grub.cfg.

* Add grub-mkrescue script to generate floppy or ElTorito images
  (i386-pc only).

* Add support for background images in gfxterm (background_image command).

* Add support for detection of 64-bit support in CPU (cpuid command).

* GPT is now enabled in i386-pc target.

* Add grub-install for EFI.

* Ported to the following new platforms: Efika, coreboot (a.k.a. LinuxBIOS),

* Add support for colored menu (menu_color_normal and menu_color_highlight

* Fix support for loading Linux zImages (such as memtest86).


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