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Google SoC, Fancy Menus or USB keyboard

From: Colin D Bennett
Subject: Google SoC, Fancy Menus or USB keyboard
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 17:43:03 -0700
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I am interested in possibly contributing to the GRUB project in the Google Summer of Code, and I was interested in further discussing the Fancy Menus idea.

I have not used GRUB 2 yet (I am using Gentoo Linux primarily, with GRUB 0.9x), though I have downloaded and browsed the source code. I assume that fancy menus will still use the keyboard exclusively as the input device, for the time being. (Is there talk of mouse support?)

Does GRUB code run in real mode? I was thinking that double-buffering the graphics might be important for fancy graphics effects, and wondered whether is it difficult to allocate and deal with a megabyte or so block of memory? When I last programmed real mode programs in DOS, I know the limitations based on segment sizes, etc., but it's been a while.

Best Regards,

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