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Re: Some GRUB ideas

From: komputes
Subject: Re: Some GRUB ideas
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 09:57:25 -0400
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You're probably right, although the focus of my question/feature request is on the (hd0,0) syntax and not on the device file. I was thinking it could prompt for the drive names. Grub can't use /dev/sda1 style syntax, you are correct, and I can't think of a logical workaround other than that.

That being said, it would still be useful for the user to be able to see what drive a grub has access to. Going back to the basic concept of the request which was to simplify grub for the new user by displaying which hard drives/partitions are available for grub to boot from (in (hd0,0) syntax). This could help the user easily create a menu.lst from the grub prompt/shell/menu.


Neil Jerram wrote:
komputes <address@hidden> writes:

$ grub --pitty-da-foo #this command doesn't exist (...yet)
Checking disks...

                                Mem  Used
(hd0)      /dev/sda
          (hd0,0)   /dev/sda1  50GB  25%
          (hd0,1)   /dev/sda2  50GB  25%

(hd1)   /dev/sdb
          (hd1,0)   /dev/sdb1  50GB  25%
          (hd1,1)   /dev/sdb2  50GB  25%

Just a thought: but if Grub could do that, couldn't it just accept the
"/dev/sda1"-style syntax everywhere?


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