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[PATCH] GRUB2 does not provide Multiboot Legacy memory map

From: Julian Salazar
Subject: [PATCH] GRUB2 does not provide Multiboot Legacy memory map
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2008 15:11:43 -0600



I’m developing a small kernel and I’ve been using GRUB2 with the Legacy Multiboot Specification for some time now. I’ve noticed that it does not provide some of the things in the Multiboot Information structure that GRUB Legacy does, like the memory map. So I’ve created a small patch which works in QEMU and real hardware so that GRUB2 will pass the memory map to my kernel or any multiboot-compliant kernel for the i386-pc.


Since I’ve never actually contributed code to a GNU project before, are there certain rules and regulations of some sort that I have to comply with before I can send my patch here?



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