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Please support installation on Xen virtual block devices

From: Ian Campbell
Subject: Please support installation on Xen virtual block devices
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 20:28:41 +0100

I filed this patch against the Debian grub2 package and the maintainer
asked me to bring it to address@hidden Took me an age but here I
am ;-) [resending now I'm subscribed].

Back then I said:
> The grub package does not currently support installation in a Xen
> guest domain because it does not understand the Xen virtual block
> devices (/dev/xvd[a-z]).
> This support is mainly useful because it allows the Debian installer to
> work in a Xen guest without Xen specific workarounds.
> It might also be useful for someone who wanted to switch between
> a guest between para-virtual and fully-virtualised (HVM) operation.

Patch is attached.

Ian Campbell
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