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Coding style / indent options

From: Colin D Bennett
Subject: Coding style / indent options
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 12:22:18 -0700

Does anyone have a set of GNU indent (or astyle) options that correspond
to the proper format for GRUB source code? I want to make sure I'm using
the correct style so that I don't produce spurious changes when files
I'm editing are reformatted.

I tried using GNU indent (with the default GNU style) on a few GRUB 2
source files to see what differences resulted, and I observed the
following differences:

                                             GRUB  GNU 
                                             ====  ===
(1) Space after unary '!' operator           Yes   No 
(2) Space between macro name and open paren  No    Yes
(3) Max line length                          >=80  <80
(4) Space between __attribute__ and parens   No    Yes
(5) Keep indenting spaces on blank lines     Yes   No

I did notice, however, that in some places  (e.g.,
normal/functions.c lines 84-87) the space/TAB usage is inconsistent). I
assume that replacing 8 spaces with TAB characters is the desired
usage (as GNU style suggests).

I just want to keep the code I modify and produce as clean and uniform
as possible, and produce clean patches.


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