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Booting a floppy disk image?

From: walt
Subject: Booting a floppy disk image?
Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 07:16:29 -0700
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I'm now using grub4dos to boot a floppy DOS image like this:

map --mem (hd0,0)/floppy.img (fd0)
map --hook
chainloader (fd0)+1
rootnoverify (fd0)

I'd like to switch to grub2 but so far I can't get it to
boot the same image.  I've tried two methods:

loopback fd1 (hd0,1)/floppy.img
set root=fd1
chainloader (fd1)+1


chainloader (hd0,1)/floppy.img

Both methods give the same result:  a typical DOS
"missing system, hit any key to reboot" error, but
hitting any key does nothing and I have to do a hard
reset to reboot.  (BTW, I see the floppy disk drive
light come on during the boot.  Should this happen
when trying to boot a floppy image?)

What am I doing wrong?


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