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[PATCH] Scan root device dynamically at startup

From: Bean
Subject: [PATCH] Scan root device dynamically at startup
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 18:22:25 +0800


For normal boot, the root device is passed to core.img in preloader.
However, if we load grub2 using linux header, there is no way to know
the root device. This patch add a new module findroot that can be used
to scan the root directory at startup.

One important usage is to create a grub2 boot file for vista boot loader:

mkimage -o g2ntfs.img pc ntfs biosdisk findroot
cat lnxboot.img g2ntfs.img > g2ntfs.mbr

The result g2ntfs.mbr is within 32K, which can be loaded by vista in
one pass, no need to use the g2ldr.mbr anymore. The findroot modules
ensure that prefix is set properly before switching to normal mode.

If findroot is not used to create core.img, the original booting method remains.


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