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Re: x86_64 EFI support for grub2 ?

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: x86_64 EFI support for grub2 ?
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 09:21:50 -0400
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Bean wrote:
BTW, I notice that grub-mkimage for efi convert elf to efi internally,
how about use the gnu-efi tool chain, this could make it more portable
between ia32 and x86_64.
Is its license sufficiently compatible?  Is it maintained sufficiently (or
else, can we take on some of the maintainership burden?)

I'm no expert on license, but it's a shared library, we only need to
use its interface, I guess this should be ok.

if it's GPL version 2 (but not 3) then it's probably incompatible, for example, if it's shared library.

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