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Re: Replacing the legacy "map" command

From: Urja Rannikko
Subject: Re: Replacing the legacy "map" command
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 19:18:31 +0300

> Well what we actually want is to have support to install interrup service
> chains for real mode. There are couple of users for this service, one of
> them being drive mapping (to int 13h) and then El Torito support (to int
> 13h).
> So you would have function to install interrupt chain and this would be
> installed right away, or at point when you are leaving grub. You may want to
> have those services even if you are not chainloading. In example you have
> multiboot capable kernel, but you want to still use BIOS services.
> In case of drive mapping it would work in user interface in same way as in
> GRUB Legacy. But what happens under the hood:
> 1. You load drive mapping module (map.mod?)
> 2. User configures mapping with map command (or similar)
> 3. If even one map command is issued this installs custom software interrupt
> handler to tweak int13h requests. Map command data is installed to this
> handler.

This is exactly what i meant in my message, just took me a while to
write it so you beat me to it.


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