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macbook EFI experiences

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: macbook EFI experiences
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 10:42:02 -0400
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okay, I just tried a few days ago's grub2 CVS without patches for i386 efi, because presumably if that doesn't work for me then nothing else will either (though it's possible that a working x86-64 would work better for this particular EFI firmware, I suppose)

I forget how I installed grub2-bios. Is there a proper way to install grub2-efi that makes it know where all of its modules are so that I don't have to load them manually or include them in the .efi image? I had to explicitly set `prefix=(hd0,3)/efi/grub` in order for `insmod (hd0,3)/efi/grub/linux.mod` to find the modules it depends on. I think I might have just included *.mod in my grub2-bios image (which I put on a 200MB FAT partition) so that it would have any modules that might be needed in the future, configfile wouldn't need to be loaded explicitly, etc. etc. etc. (and I'm not sure how it finds that grub.cfg automatically either)... and yet I still have the individual modules copied around there for some (or no) reason.

Then the `linux` command worked... but `initrd` told me "error: no free pages available". So I couldn't even get as far as loading the initrd (and `boot` after loading boot.mod, obviously didn't work since I need my initrd for Ubuntu). Then if I tried to go back and `linux` again (say, because I needed to change the arguments to `linux`), it told me
cannot allocate pages
Aborted. Press any key to exit.
(And I pressed a key and it returned me to the rEFIt menu.)
A memory leak? At that point, it shouldn't be using memory for the initrd because that never successfully loaded, and probably doesn't need the old linux when it's loading a new one.

The other thing I noticed is, while running grub2-efi, the fan goes on to max speed/noisyness. (But grub2 isn't intended to be a huge fancy OS so there may be nothing reasonable to do about this.)

any advices?


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