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Re: macbook EFI experiences

From: Bean
Subject: Re: macbook EFI experiences
Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008 14:06:01 +0800


The problem with initrd is that it can't allocate enough memory.
Please try the following patch, it will show some info that could be
be useful in debugging.

diff --git a/loader/i386/efi/linux.c b/loader/i386/efi/linux.c
index ee3fb99..327fcaf 100644
--- a/loader/i386/efi/linux.c
+++ b/loader/i386/efi/linux.c
@@ -619,6 +619,7 @@ grub_rescue_cmd_initrd (int argc, char *argv[])
   if (grub_efi_get_memory_map (&mmap_size, mmap_buf, 0, &desc_size, 0) <= 0)
     grub_fatal ("cannot get memory map");

+  grub_printf ("%x %x %x\n", addr_min, addr_max, initrd_pages);
   addr = 0;
   for (desc = mmap_buf;
        desc < NEXT_MEMORY_DESCRIPTOR (mmap_buf, mmap_size);


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