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Installing GRUB 2 on a CompactFlash card

From: Colin D Bennett
Subject: Installing GRUB 2 on a CompactFlash card
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 22:45:16 -0700

I want to install GRUB 2 on a CompactFlash card, which I will boot on
my Mini-ITX VIA C3 system for testing, by attaching the CF card to an
IDE-CF adapter.

Before I run grub-install, I wanted to get a confirmation that I'm
doing the right thing, so I don't end up wiping out my development
system's boot partition or something.  Here's my setup:

 Development workstation:
  Running Linux.
  Hard drives on /dev/hdXX and /dev/sdXX.
  The CompactFlash card will appear as /dev/sdc or something.
    (let's assume it's /dev/sdc)

 Target system:
  IDE controller - connected to IDE-CompactFlash adapter.

If I create one partition on the CF card, for GRUB, I assume I should
set up my grub.cfg to refer to it as (hd0,1) since this will only be
used on the TARGET SYSTEM, right?

Then on my development workstation I will do:
   grub-install /dev/sdc

But will this affect my development workstation's "/boot" ?  I want to
install only to my CompactFlash card; is this possible without messing
with my dev machine's filesystem?

If I have /dev/sdc1 (the CF card's partition) mounted
at /media/grubtest, can I just do
   grub-install --root-directory=/media/grubtest /dev/sdc


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