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[PATCH] disk/fs_uuid.c

From: Robert Millan
Subject: [PATCH] disk/fs_uuid.c
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 18:23:39 +0200
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This disk driver allows access to partitions that contain a filesystem with
known UUID via "(UUID=xxxxxxx)" syntax.

The iterator is unimplemented on purpose, because it makes the code smaller
and it isn't useful to waste time inspecting the same devices twice while
scanning for LVM / whatsoever.

Also note that as it currently stands it is highly inefficient.  I can't
understand why;  new UUIDs are searched everytime on each open() call, but
this shouldn't be much of an issue since we have a disk cache in kernel to
make that efficient.  At least, it isn't e.g. for grub_fs_probe() which is
called multiple times.

Even with this efficiency problem, since it doesn't interfere with anything
else I'm inclined to commit it, if nobody objects.

Robert Millan

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