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Can we get video card information in EFI environment ?

From: Bean
Subject: Can we get video card information in EFI environment ?
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 02:38:03 +0800


I encounter a small problem when writing the x86_64 EFI code. The
loader does work, but I'm struggle to get the frame buffer to work. In
order to do so, I need some information to fill in the linux header:

1. frame buffer address
2. frame buffer size
3. line buffer length

Other information, width, height and color depth can be retrieved
using UGA Draw protocol.

I have figured out the correct value for my macbook. By setting them
manually, I can get vesafb and efifb to work properly. intelfb is
supposed to work by accessing video card directly,  but it doesn't
work for me. imacfb is just a hack, it works if I feed in the value

But for a normal user, they can't know the values. Is there a way to
query them using pci interface, or is there some EFI service that I
miss ?

BTW, EFI 2.0 support Gop protocol which can be used to returned the
above information. Unfortunately, apple don't support it. When would
they upgrade to 2.0 ?


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