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Re: Some concern about the journal support

From: Isaac Dupree
Subject: Re: Some concern about the journal support
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:49:34 -0400
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Pavel Roskin wrote:
On Fri, 2008-06-13 at 15:45 -0400, Isaac Dupree wrote:
can you send a message when GRUB2 CVS is considered no longer broken for use with ext3? (so I'll know when is a good time for me to install a newer version -- since I'm not in a hurry -- or is it a better bet stability-wise within the next month, to go with a revision from May instead?)

I'm afraid it's not going to work this way.  I can imagine that some
fixes will be applied, but it's also possible that they will be

true enough: grub's ext3 support is relatively unstable for now, so if I use it I should be prepared to report problems and help debug them. Partly I just get confused (although patches are frequently discussed on the list) which patches have actually been applied to CVS, and whether any of the *known* issues are still known to be unfixed in CVS. (That is, I'm usually willing to be a tester, but it's generally not useful to anyone to test things that are known to be broken)


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