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Re: Some concern about the journal support

From: Javier Martín
Subject: Re: Some concern about the journal support
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 20:14:21 +0200

El dom, 15-06-2008 a las 01:32 +0800, Bean escribió:
> >> How about a separate module?
> > It's a good idea, perhaps I can add a journal layer on top of disk to
> > do the mapping transparently.
> This patch revert ext2 and reiserfs driver to pre journal state. The
> new journal support would be in a separate module and provide a
> transparent mapping layer for the fs driver.

Just my two cents... AFAIK the journal part of ext3 and ext4 in
implemented quite in the same fashion: the "journaled block device" or
JBD acts as a black box to the filesystem, which works with it in a
database transaction-like fashion. I don't know how ReiserFS handles its
journal, but I think the same approach would work.

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