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Re: [PATCH] Tidy up 'make' output

From: Stefan Reinauer
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Tidy up 'make' output
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 00:22:43 +0200
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Robert Millan wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 10:44:48AM -0700, Colin D Bennett wrote:
>> with output that, in my opinion, makes it easier to see warnings and
>> errors:
>>   COMPILE         ../util/getroot.c
>>   COMPILE         ../kern/device.c
>>   ../kern/device.c: In function 'grub_device_iterate':
>>   ../kern/device.c:84: warning: generating trampoline in object
>>   (requires executable stack)
>>   ../kern/device.c:84: warning: generating trampoline in object
>>   (requires executable stack)
>>   COMPILE         ../kern/disk.c 
>>   COMPILE         ../kern/err.c
>>   COMPILE         ../kern/misc.c
> I don't like the idea of hiding information this way.  If the goal is to
> catch warnings, I think -Werror can do a much better job (and catching
> errors shouldn't be a problem unless you're using make -j or -k).
I would not consider this "hiding information". The information you see
(CFLAGS for example) don't really change across the lines and there's
always the chance to say V=1 to see all the compiler lines. The
opposite: The current forest of duplicate information is really what is
hiding the relevant information between a lot of uninteresting fuzz.
Maybe, you guys would prefer to set V=1 as the default, so one would
have to say V=0 to get above output? I am currently only compiling grub
with make -s, because that is the only way to get any decently parsable
output for finding issues in the code.

Please, please, don't use -Werror.  GRUB2 is currently hard enough to
build and the build system is less than optimal and elegant. While I
agree that clean code never throughs warnings, the amazing number of
different gccs and build environments out there would make developing
for grub2 and compiling it very hard. There are quite a number of
warnings that do not matter because the developers simply know better
than the compiler. -Werror will lead to ugly workarounds to suppress
these warnings and make adoption of new tool chain versions a task from


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